Say Goodbye to All of That Anger…

So a couple of days ago I was reading an article that kind of stayed with me.  The gist of it was that true professionals do their jobs, well, without a whole lot of hoopla and emotion. The surgeon simply asks the nurse to pass the scalpel.  The pilot, (maybe not the overworked, extremely sleepy ones) when faced with a situation while flying, describe the situation to air traffic control and gets help to land the plane safely. It goes on to ponder why, in customer service, (the author referenced ‘Twitter users’ and ‘Emailers’) persons freely use anger and loudness and tantrums to get results. The article suggests that customer reps model a professional approach, rewarding thoughtful exchanges and ignoring tantrums.  (Now this is not to say that we should not be expressive, or passionate in proving a point) I thought to myself, we’re a little like customer service, (counselors, coaches, therapists, teachers) if we consistently praise and reward our customers (kids, teens) for participating, following directions, playing nicely, making good choices, and not give so much attention to the tantrums (while ensuring everyone’s safety and of course ruling out medical issues), I think that (young) people will begin to get the message that there are better ways to get our attention and we can all get a little more of our jobs done) educating, inspiring, teaching) without having, well,  a total meltdown.

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