Behavioral Therapy can help…

Behavioral Therapy can help…


Getting help for  Anxiety, Depression or any other mental health challenge is one of the first steps toward managing a stressful lifestyle and improving relationships at home, school and in the workplace.  Often time’s individuals may think that medication (alone) is enough to solve the problem.  Unfortunately, some even resort to alcohol or illegal drug use.   Studies have shown that adding counseling or therapy (many times, therapy alone) increases instances of positive results.

  You have many choices when seeking treatment for Mental Health Concerns. Behavioral Therapy is one treatment choice.

In behavior therapy, licensed therapists apply evidenced based interventions.  Long term goals include getting clients to increase ability in paying attention, concentrating and increasing  on-task behavior.  Individuals are encouraged to develop positive beliefs about themselves and the world around them.

There are several approaches to psychotherapy including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Art and Play Therapy, Interpersonal Skills Training and TF-CBT. These are just a few approaches that encourage children and families to work through problems and discover solutions.

Behavior Therapy is a two-way treatment model based on the relationship between an individual and/or their family and a therapist.  It provides a caring setting allowing you to talk openly with someone who is solution-focused, unbiased and nonjudgmental.  To learn more about how behavior therapy can help, visit or call 252.915.8966.

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