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What I (strive to) do:  Counsel, Support and Teach families to use tools like (Empathy, Love, Positive Discipline and Teamwork) to create success.

Why:   The biggest reason, I love to see the changes!!   I love to see individuals and families; blossom and grow!

How:  Not by myself! Unfortunately, I don’t have a Magic Wand or Fairy Dust, it’ll take a team effort (see ‘What’ above).   One of the very first steps include a commitment that simply says, “I’m willing to do what it takes to help my child/family achieve” and from the child a desire to change.  With that commitment WE:

  • Assess (Each individual)

  • Evaluate (Strengths and Weaknesses in all areas in child’s life)

  • Treat (Individuals using cognitive-behavioral, educational and motivational strategies)

  • Link (Stakeholders -home, school, community- to increase likelihood of ongoing achievement!)

  • Recommend (Additional Programs and Services as needed-psychological, medical, nutritional, etc.)

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